Christo wearing Awake Happy in JID Music Video

Christo wearing Awake Happy in JID Music Video

It's super exciting to see Christo reppin' the Awake Happy Quiet The Chaos hoodie in the new JID music video by Vans.

Because I'm so excited about this, I'm gonna give away some Quiet the Chaos hoodies to a few people who comment on the YouTube Video.

Winners will be announced Friday 8/20 at noon. I will be somewhat randomly choosing favorites. DM me a screenshot of your comment on Insta.

Show some extra love and support by sharing the most recent Awake Happy video post on your story.

Thanks for hangin. If you have any questions, just email or DM me on Instagram.

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  • Charlie

    I quiet my chaos by finding light beneath my bones

    It pours out of me with strength while finding manic tone

    I must awake happy in order to come to life

    Though my intrinsic awareness still keeps me up at night

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