Awake Happy is a state of mind.
Awake with eyes closed,
Happy the rest of the time.

stay awake. Stay happy.
The vast expanse of infinite wisdom is in you

Hello! I’m Devon, the mind and heart behind Awake Happy.

The genesis of Awake Happy was in the fall of 2020. The world outside was changing, and so was the world inside me. I envisioned a place not just to create, but to reconnect with what feels true and right. Here's how I see Awake Happy:

1️⃣ Seeking a Path: Life isn’t about the journey or the destination. It's about finding a path, any path, and venturing into the unknown.

2️⃣ The Power of Paradox: Sometimes, messages are wrapped in contradictions. But it’s these very contradictions that amplify their truth. Like "Quiet the Chaos" and "Embrace the Chaos" - two sides of the same coin.

3️⃣ Light & Dark: It's not about labeling things as good or bad. It's about recognizing the interplay of light and dark in our lives and embracing them both.

4️⃣ Internal Wisdom: In our quest for truth, sometimes the loudest answers come in whispers. We must dial down the external world to truly hear our internal wisdom.

Awake Happy is a voyage, one that's still unfolding, still revealing its treasures. I believe we should continuously reflect upon things that bring balance into our lives.

Behind the Designs:

  • Inner Truth: Our aim isn't to prescribe a solution but to spark a journey within. Rather than pointing to specific paths, we illuminate the landmarks that guide seekers towards their truth.
  • Navigating Cultural Clichés: We sidestep the words overused and often misunderstood. Not because they've lost their essence, but because they're sometimes lost in translation.
  • Embracing Paradox: Yes, our messages sometimes appear contradictory, but life itself is paradoxical.
  • Guidelines in Crafting: Every design at Awake Happy is infused with positivity and consciousness. We draw inspiration from a myriad of sources, old and new. From the age-old wisdom of "The I Ching" and "The Bhagavad Gita" to the insightful "The Holographic Mind" and "The Secrets of Light".

This project isn’t just a brand or a business to me. It's a movement towards understanding, toward seeking, and, ultimately, toward awakening. Join me and the many others on this quest. There's always more to come.