Awake Happy is a state of mind.
Awake with eyes closed,
Happy the rest of the time.

stay awake. Stay happy.
The vast expanse of infinite wisdom is in you

Hi, I'm Devon and I founded Awake Happy. Here’s how I see Awake Happy.

1️⃣ It’s not about which path you choose. It’s about finding a path.

2️⃣ Paradox is stronger the truer the message.

3️⃣ There’s no good or bad but there is a light and a dark.

4️⃣ To understand the wisdom inside, we must dial down the outside.

- - -

In the fall of 2020 Awake Happy started forming. It became a place to make things I knew were right.

This project is still unfolding in it’s early days. I believe we should be reminded of things that bring us balance and we should ponder them continuously.

More to come